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Washing kraft paper

The raw material of washing kraft paper is natural fiber, without any hazardous substance, it is recyclable and degradable. Washing kraft paper has high stitching strength, fine wear resistance and flexibility,it also can be printing、silk-screen、embossing and sewing, at the same time, it also can be water resistance and dry cleaning, so that the watering kraft paper also called wash resistance kraft paper. 

Washing kraft paper is LC environmental material, which solves the washing problem after the kraft paper bag become drity, so that the cost is higher than ordinary kraft paper, while it is popular in the young for its unique characteristics. 

Advantage: keeping excellent quantity after printing、manufacturing and washing treatment, and keep the original specialty (tear resistance), so that it also called tear resistance kraft paper, at the same time, it also can be stone-washing, enzyme –washing and dry-cleaning, it has stable size that not easy to transformation and lighten the quantity, beside it, it is convenience to use , it’s durable and has high wear and humidity resistance, so that it’s especially suit for sewing on the outdoors clothes, such as the jeans, we can be printing、laminating、 coating or silk-screen to make the label be more comfortable, which is the ideal material for indoor and outdoor fibrous structure, the appearance is beautiful and without any hazardous substance ( AZO dye)

Technical parameters
Product name: washing kraft paper    
Package size:150cm*100m
Thickness:0.55mm& 0.80 mm
Single roll weight: 0.55mm is 52kg, 0.8mm is 76kg 
Color: nine colors are available (brown、 grey、 natural color、black、 white、coffee、chocolate、army green、bright orange)
Ordering Instructions
1. 150cm*100m per roll equal to 150 squares, the weight is about 55 kg
2、Standard specification is roll package, we can cut into arbitrary size according to customer’s requirement ( roll package、sheet package)  

If you received the kraft paper with folds, using the iron to drying after soaking in water 

Our company is level agent for washing kraft paper, mainly engaged in wholesale, and has large price advantages. We promise offer customer the best price and quantity, stable supply of goods and perfect after-sales service. Nine colors complete, and long-term stock, we can send you the sample and material application specification for free!

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