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Dupont paper

Tyvek  Series

【Dupont wafer interleaving paper】

Tyvek is made of pure polyethylene fibers, all the original material apply to cleaning area were deal with anti-static coating processing; this kind of material can apply to higher cleaning degree after purification treatment, and won’t cause secondary pollution after purification process. Tyvek is the only wafer packaging material won’t add read errors. Tyvek D type is the perfect material in anti-static product, IC, electron industry, silicon wafer manufacturing industry and solar cell packaging. The advantage of Dupont is that it has smooth surface, without rubs, anti-static, water resistance, the PH value nears neutral, chemical inertness, no losses particle, with great strength and durable.
product feature:
•All the Tyvek D type material through anti-static procedure from the original factory
•Tyvek is made of continuous fiber and won’t leave the soft flocks
•Tyvek is smooth and tough that can protect the goods inside well
•Cleaning class: 100 class
•The size can customize, from 4 to 12 inch, thickness is 0.165mm, and surface resistance is 107-1010 ohms /square


【 Dupont building respiratory paper】

product introduction:
Tyvek building respiratory paper also called waterproof and breathable membrane, which is the special innovation by Dupont company for building area, and the materials are recyclable and environmental protection materials, for the special fiber structure can prevent the wind and rain from building inner structure, strengthen the building’s air impermeability、water tightness and breathability. It makes the living environment keep healthy all the time, and provide people a more comfortable life.
Dupont bulding paper was divided into two kinds, which is moisture barrier and vapour barrier. The moisture barrier contains common HouseWrap、Supro and ThermaWrap, which is all cover the outer wall or the roof thermal layer, with the function of strengthen the building air and water tightness, help the inside moisture can be exhausted smoothly; While the ThermaWrap also with another function, which is thermal insulation. Tyvek vapour barrier covers building outer wall or the inner roof thermal layer, while it’s airproof that prevent the inner building moisture into exterior protected construction
As Tyvek was widely spread in the groud、wall and  sealing tape, Tyvek building respiratory paper was widely used in roof structure. For the Tyvek building respiratory paper eliminates power-wasting ventilation, the building will become more warm、 dry and environmental.  That’s the perfect match for the cool or warm roof for the Tyvek SD2 isolates the wind and ensure that the insulating layer always keep a dry and full state.

product feature:
◇breathability; Tyvek breathable insulation cellular structure resists the small moisture, the inner moisture can be transfer along with the rise of temperature, which means that the bottom of plate metals won’t produce the condensate water
◇energy conservation; Tyvek breathable insulation has excellent breathability so that it saves the ventilative space between the isolator and roof.
◇ waterproof; Tyvek prevents insulating layer from wind and rain and the formation of condensate water
◇environmental protection  Tyvek is made of pure polyethylene fibres, which can be totally recycled.
◇convenience and cost saving  Tyvek is light、durable and tough, and easy to install in the roof environment.
◇overall product specification;Tyvek owes various specifications to satisfy different construction technique requirements

【DuPont medical dialyzing paper】

Medical tyvek material: America Dupont medical paper+ medical gluing

Tyvek raw material: 2FS(4058B)、1059B、1073B. Tyvek packaging material is the ideal choice for tray formation, which can ensure the sterility and integrity of high-end、heavy or the fragile equipment before you using it. The strength of Tyvek is eight times to the same gram weight of medical packaging paper; Tyvek has high cracking resistance, even the irregularity or sharp edge of surgical operating instrument can’t puncture the material easily.

Gluing: The gluing in our country mainly is hot melt glue and water cements, the general gluing is 11 to 20g/ Square meters 
Application: mainly used in the third kind medical apparatus and instruments of skin packing as hard plastic uptake sealing material, the same as PETG、PVC、PS、PP、PET, which with well sealing performance
Action principle: the gluing in the Tyvek paper after temperature thermal pressing can transfer into plastic uptake material, and it had attained sealing and blocking bacteria goal. Lowest hot-press temperature: 100-130℃
validity: above 5 years
Sterilization method:  EO or gamma x ray irradiation x sterilization
Features: high strength, well blocking bacteria, long life, excellent antimicrobial infiltration capacity, the max of sealing strength is 3.5-7N/15MM
Reference quality standard:ISO11607,EN868,GB/T19633
The conventional use of medical apparatus and instruments packing material including medical packaging paper、nonwovens Tyvek、 various plastic film and hard blister box and aluminum plastic composite material, the basic requirements could be summarized as:

◇Basic property: basic physical and mechanical properties index, such as breathability、barrier property and various mechanical strength; chemical property, such as environmental stability and solvent resistance; optical property including transparency and haze; it also included high temperature resistance、irradiation resistance and sterilization process

◇Microorganism barrier property: This is the necessary for the medical apparatus and instruments packing material, for the precondition of sterility barrier system is that the sealing system of packaging material and different packaging material must obstruct microorganism by specific technology ( usually is heat sealing). In terms of this concept, packaging material can be divided into porous and nonporous material. Medical packaging paper and Tyvek belong to the former, macromolecule composite film、hard blister box and other composite material belong to the latter

◇Adaptability with sterilization process: the difference between medical apparatus and instruments packaging and other packaging is that the packaging system must through pre-sterilization process after finish the sealing process, which should take the adaptability with sterilization process into consideration. Such as the sterilization requirement of EtO is that the material of packaging system should owes certain breathability; Gamma and E-Beam is that all the packaging material should has radiation resistance and won’t to cracking for aging. The high temperature steam sterilization in hospital requires all the packing material can resist certain high temperature, usually is places 15 to 30 minutes in 121°–136°C

◇Nontoxicity: The nontoxicity is the basic property in medical area. The first area is microorganism and medical area, such as microorganism consistency and cytotoxicity; the second area is engineering science area, which shows that the component of material is simple and without any potential risk; the material is stable、 and won’t transfer potential hazardous substance into the instrument surface of packaging under the conventional and certain sterilization environment


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