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Tyvek 1025D composite material


Tyvek brand protective material is a miracle of science from DuPont, which is made of pure polyethylene fibers randomly laid and compressed to form a remarkably tough printing substrate that is ideal for all applications where durability is of prime importance,and blends the best traits of fabric, film and paper. It's light weight, tear resistance and durable. The Tyvek 1025D composite material is combine Tyvek paper and PP breathable film with glue, with excellent water- resistant and puncture-resistant effect.

Application: Mainly used in electron desiccant, medicine and food desiccant packaging

Product Parameter:

◇Cracking resistance :general human power not easy to tear
◇Water-resistance: after moist and soaking, 1025D also has the same strength and won’t be rot
◇Breathability: with better breathability than common paper
◇Anti-chemical properties: anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-salt
◇Anti-expansion force: the proportion of stretch and shrink on paper surface less than 0.01% from totally damp to totally dry
◇Anti-static: With special antistatic treatment, free from static electricity, and has the function of dust prevention
◇Green product: after totally burned, Tyvek only left vapour and CO which won’t pollute the environment

Apply to the packaging: silica gel, mineral soil, activated carbon desiccant material, also can applies to moisture absorbent packing material


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