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Cooking oil filter crepe paper

The gram weight of crepe paper is 150g per square meter, which is made by pure wood pulp raw material, without chemical fiber and composition, which is mainly used in the purification of palm oil for frying instant noodles, with the feature of removing the solid impurity in the oil, which is the good way to avoiding the grease become worse, is the effective filtering medium for grease purification, at the same time, it can avoid acidolysis and increase the oxidation value under the process of high temperature, extend the  deteriorative time, guarantee the food quality and extend storage life.

一,Heat-resistant. Cooking oil filter paper can soak in the 200 degrees beyond 15 days, and the mechanical strength of filter crepe paper not to fall significantly
二,High average void ratio. It can void particle impurity above 5 micron, the average void is 10 micron, make frying oil be limpid and transparent, and hit the mark of filter the suspended solids in the oil.
三,High air permeability. It makes lipin material with high viscosity pass successfully, and with fast speed.
四,High mechanical strength. It can work under 0.8MPA vacuum state.

Technical parameters: ration: 180-200g per sq.m.

Tightness: 0.5-0.55g per cubic centimeter

Shanghai Zhizheng Packing Material co., Ltd has rich experience in the specialty paper sales and has indepth knowledge on frying oil filter paper. The filter paper mainly used in the various countries of deep-fry industry, such as fried chicken、fried fish、 fried nutlet、instant noodles、caramel treats、prawn slices and chips, Chinese and western fast food

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