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warp and weft kraft paper

product presentation:
As an expert Kraft paper manufacturer, we make pre-stressed Kraft paper by combining paper pulp with warp and weft yarns. The yarns decide the strength of the paper, while the pulp serves as the auxiliary filling material. This papermaking method is similar to the process of putting pre-stressed steel, which means the strength of the paper can be easily readjusted by changing the texture, specification and density of the yarns. The performance and properties of the paper can be changed by choosing different types of pulp. The paper is a combination of different properties of paper and the strength of the cloth, and its strength is 3 to 4 times higher than ordinary Kraft paper. It is commonly used for lightweight packaging, improves the performance, reduces production costs and saves resources, protecting the environment.

Product Parameter: 
Just like ordinary Kraft paper, our pre-stressed Kraft paper can be processed through printing, laminating and slitting.
Our Kraft paper comes in different size selections, and two major dimensions through a sheet type or roll type. The width of roll paper is 2.6m, while the size of the sheet paper is divided into 787 x 1092mm and 889 x 1194 mm.
product usage:

Pre-stressed Kraft paper is useful in a variety of bags, including shopping bags, flour sacks, food packing bags, and architectural wall seam sealing tape

Shopping bags are traditionally made of wood pulp paper. The strength of the paper depends on the fiber strength of the wood pulp. Paper used in shopping bags must be high intensity and strong enough to hold heavy loads. This is why many turn to pre-stressed craft paper as an alternative for shopping bags. Pre-stressed Kraft paper is clean, sanitary, strong, low cost and environmentally friendly.

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