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Tyvelon nonwovens

product presentation
A new generation of filament superfine fiber Tyvelon

Tyveklon nonwovens is made of two kinds of polymers which were produced by melt spinning into continuous filament, the fiber shows hollow tangerine shape,then break up into superfine fiber fabric
◇The material is soft, with beautiful shape and high strength
◇High density and firm fiber structure
◇Excellent barrier property, can apply to the particle filtration, insurance, anti-wind and UV products
◇100% natural anti-mite
◇Excellent breathability
◇Excellent moisture-penetrability
◇Excellent sound absorption
◇Excellent hygroscopic property
◇be fit for various post-processing technic
◇be suitable for 95℃ high temperature washing
◇Environmental Protection Material
Tyvelon nonwovens without chemical solvents and adhesive
◇Compared to traditional textile industry, Tyvelon has short produce processing, which can reduce resource utilization significantly; the material is light and can save raw material, even the water in the produce processing also can be recycled
◇The element of Tyvelon without PVC and other hazardous substance, and obtains oeko-tex 100 level 1 certificate of eco-textiles, which is ensure that the material without any hazardous substance, and can be directly contact with the baby skin
Tyvelon is washable with water for repeated use, which can lessen the impact to natural environment  


【high technology scrubbing】 Microfilament fabric has well cleaning capacity and won’t wool, washable and durable
【anti-mite bedding】 Special breathability, comfort and anti-mite isolation itself, meets the strict medical supplies needs, and had widely spread in anti-mite bedding
【curtain】 Tyvelon has anti-UV property, high lightproof and excellent sound absorption, which is especially pertinent for the curtain usage 
【advertisement and decoration】 Tyvelon with high strength, without PVC, won’t create wrinkles and is the printing substrate with beauty, can apply to advertisement and interior decoration usage
【sound absorption】 For the special microfilament fabric, Tyvelon has excellent sound absorption, which is especially pertinent for carpet, automotive trim and interior building materials usage
【automobile parts packaging】For the special microfilament fabric, Tyvelon can apply to precision accessory carry, protect the accessory from scrubbing and adhere the falling fiber
【Food industry】Tyvelon can directly contact with food and the fabric itself can prevent mildew
【sport and health】For the special microfilament fabric, Tyvelon can ensure the water sorption, which is especially suit for the towel of outdoor exercise and travelling 
【garment materials】Tyvelon owes excellent moisture absorption and sweat releasing effect, high comfort index, and offer a new choice for garment materials

Tyvelon would explore your new market segments 
We company focus on customer needs, offer you the high-quality products and satisfactory services, create maximal value. Please tell your thoughts, Tyvelon will come true your thoughts and needs. 

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