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humidity indicating card

Compared to general humidity indicating card, environmental humidity indicating card satisfy the conveniences, safety and reliability, and one important advantage is it won’t polluted the environment and human health 

Satisfy ROHS standard test, the national standard regulation of hazardous substance test and regularly updates the third party SGS test report, which all has supervision effect on the environmental protection property, and ensure that all your products can satisfy the environmental demand in any countries. If the humidity in the packaging reach or had reached certain humidity degree in using process, the indication point in the card will turns yellow into green

The general specification of humidity indicating card is 30~50% and 5~15%, also has dedicated electronics  humidity indicating and individual humidity indicating(10~60%)



electron component packaging
sensitive module
optical equipment 

-Allochroism: when the humidity of surrounding environment ups to certain degree, the indication point in the card will turns yellow into green
-Reversibility: when the air becomes dry, the indication point will change into yellow again
-Reading standard: when the indication point turns into ondine (between yellow and green), the value stands for the present environment humidity
-Environmental condition: Keep the humidity indicating card seals in original packaging can and put in drying agent. Open more than three times please change the drying agent.
-Storage environment: Keeps in dry, cool place; avoid direct sun and water logging

specification:10~60%, 30~50%, 5~15%, 20~40%, 20~50%, 5~60%, 8% 

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