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Tyvelon anti-mite nonwovens

Tyvelon ADM adopts microfilament technology, the polyester and polyamide chips are spun into endless segmented filaments, the filaments are uniformly laid on a belt, thanks to high pressure water jets, the filaments are split into microfilaments, the water jets simultaneously tightly entangle and consolidate the microfilaments, creating a fabric: Tyvelon. For the every filament of Tyvelon bicomponent fibre only is 2.4 dtex, the separated filament is 0.15 dtex, which combines superfine fiber that makes Tyvelon owe unique compact structure, can prevent the mite、germ and other hazardous substance into cloth cover, and the protection precision under 1 micron. Science research shows that the mite exist in 300-500 micron, the excrement and debris is from 20 to 40 micron


product performance

1、The material composition of Tyvelon ADM is 70% polyester fiber plus 30% nylon fiber, the ingredient is pure, without any additive and chemical component, without any chemical processes
2、Excellent anti-mite property, which belongs to medical anti-mite bedding shell fabric
3、Excellent breathability, the comfort can compare to high quality of pure cotton material
4、Easy to wash and dry quickly, conform to usage habits of traditional bedding 
5、With authorized certification and safety protection. Tyvelon ADM obtains oeko-tex 100 level 1 certificate of eco-textiles; conform to the strict first class standard. In China, CDC of parasitic disease prevention research institute test that the anti-mite rate is 100%, which is the unique protection material
6、Pure natural of physical press printing, without any chemical substances, can directly contact with body, there is no need to cover other material when it’s used for quilt cover and bedspread

1.Printing Tyvelon ADM can directly contact with skin, there is no need to cover other quilt cover and bedspread;
2.White Tyvelon ADM can directly contact with skin, there is no need to cover other quilt cover and bedspread;
3.Tyvelon ADM owes unique compact structure that can prevent the mite into cloth cover, which can cut off food source and kill the mite indirectly;
4.The mite always exist in the place with scurf, the bed is the first to be affected, more remarkable is that bedding should be changed and washed regularly even you using anti-mite bedding;
5.we offers you tailor-made material, there is no stock, the general delivery time is within 10 days after received your payment。

  This kind of product is made of physical knitting technique, the anti-mite function won’t be lessen along with washing times, please wash regularly and ease to use。
washing  instruction:
1.Washing: the highest wash temperature is 40℃, hand washing is better。
2.Drying: can be drying by machine, the highest temperature no more than 60℃;
3.Ironing: can be ironing, the temperature no more than 150℃;
4.Do not bleach

Pay Close Attention to Sleep and Health

Mite is the key element to cause asthma and other allergies. We can’t see the mite with the unaided eye; while it exists greatly in household items, mite not only cause allergy but infection even can spread the disease, so that people put much attention on the anti-mite for its perniciousness. 

Mite always exists in the carpet, soft sofa, bedding, mattress and pillow inner, and can’t be survive in bedding surface. In the evening, the mite would climb out into the inner, sucks body scurf, enter into nasal cavity and oral cavity, invades respiratory system and hurts to body

Avoiding contact with the mite is the way lessens the allergy. The direct isolation way is that put the pillow、mattress、bedding cover into anti-mite bedding cover, which prevents the inside and outside mite out and in, and finally attain anti-mite’s goal.

the difference between Tyvelon and Tyvek

Dupont Tyvek ADM is water proof and breathable, it feels like paper, light、 smooth、with sounds, only can be scrubbing partly, and can not be wash. Tyvelon ADM with excellent breathability, it feels like cotton cloth, soft, wearer and thicker than Dupont Tyvek ADM. It can be wash and machine wash, shrink resistant, won’t affect anti-mite function after washing effect. The similarity is that they have the same anti-mite function, is pure physical function, without any chemical substances, without any harms to skin.

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